Growth Strategies for SEO

Search Engine Optimization approach is designed and implemented to improve your website’s ranking in search engines and helps increase the organic traffic on your site. But it is far easier said than done and more so, much quicker written and relayed than materialized. SEO ranking improvement can take months of consistent work to show the desirable results. To help you understand how to design your SEO strategy, here are some references:

1. Create a list of keywords

You might really want to get their first. Users look for help using certain keywords and with Google Suggest making some suggestion. Use of SEO tools with those keywords will improve your ranking of the search engine.

Tip: Look for keywords that come from Google Suggest and opt for small keywords as compared to long tail keywords.  

2. Choose the right website builder

WordPress, for example, does a much better job of organizing and indexing for Google’s crawlers and is more SEO-friendly for websites.

3. Google featured snippets

The top results featuring a snippet of a post on Google’s first page can result in increased traffic on your website. Usually big search words make that placement and Google’s favorite format is usually featured in that.

Tip: Google’s favorite format: A question in the H2 heading and H3 heading featuring answers to that question.

4. Cornerstone content

Long-form and well-researched articles that feature content and keywords must be relevant to your website’s cornerstone content. The length of these should be around 1500 – 2000 and maybe you should have around 3-5 of those on your website.

5. Use your competitor’s name to drive traffic

Create a listicle about your competitors in a (us vs our competitors format) and use their name to create your own traffic.SEO Company Dubai

6. Time to take it to the Press

People can sometimes stay wary of clicking on things because of experiencing spams in the past. But reputable and credible publications are still a trusted source and if you get some press attention, you can get backlinks, socials mentions and maybe brand equity. Develop an effective PR plan to get press.

7. Outsource SEO

You may not have time to create SEO content yourself, which is why it is always best to outsource someone who does and has some an experience with it. You can always hire freelancers for this purpose. There are multiple platforms that connect you to freelance talent pool that are relevant to your business e.g., Upwork, Fiverr etc.

8. Capture your leads

You have made your first page? Awesome! You can use multiple tools online to capture your visitor’s email addresses or you can just ask them against an offer of something that is of value to them to build your database of leads. These leads can be converted into a sale using email marketing.SEO Company Dubai

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