Lessons Marketers Learnt During Pandemic

We may have started the year with yearly strategies and defined goals to achieve but nature had other plans. The global scale lockdown forced most businesses to abandon their plans and forced us to find time-sensitive solutions to stay afloat and adapt to newer models, efficiently and effectively. A pandemic of this scale ought to bring long-term change in what we are terming ‘the new world’ and here are some lessons marketers have learnt in the current economic climate.

1. Detecting changing trends early on

The rise of one trend is usually the decline of another. As a marketer, a keen and observant eye on trends is the key. Identifying trends give marketers an edge over their competition and enables them to ‘get there first’. You do not want to be caught in your tracks pursuing something the market has stopped talking about.

2. Getting there first

If a change is found, then a change has to be made. Don’t wait for someone to go first, helm into the direction instead of becoming ‘one to join the bandwagon’. And if you are uncertain of the results, then this is where you put your big marketer shoes on and try to figure out the right way to do it instead of waiting for someone else to explore the opportunity first.

3. Understanding our ‘connectedness’

In the early days of the pandemic when travel restrictions were imposed, it was assumed that the travel industry will take a hit. But correctly put, it should have been ‘travel industry will take a hit FIRST’. Our business operations are far more interconnected than they seem at surface and slowly, all industries alike started to suffer incomprehensible losses. Our world and simultaneously, our business activities are just as connected as we are to friends on social marketing agencies in Dubai

4. There’s no such thing as invincible

The above mentioned applies to health, wealth and business net worth alike. For businesses and people to stay alive and well, we both have to adapt to the changing trends and need of the hour: social distancing for us and social presence for businesses. In a changing world, being stuck to past can harm your brand in more than one way than just a dip in revenue. We saw how various industries adapted to play their role in times of crisis and maintained their brand value; from big fashion houses producing masks and PPE to brands giving a token of appreciation to frontline fighters. The return here for businesses is more qualitative than quantitative, a non-monetary benefit to give back in the long-term.

5. Be honest in your approach

The world may have paused but your branding doesn’t have to. Instead of conventional and comfortable methods, design an approach that is creative and relevant to changing trends. Be honest with it and build around it.

The words seem slightly overused at this point but we will get through this. But brands living in the past might not. It is consistent work that needs to be adaptable to technological and climate changes to not only accommodate all sized businesses but to execute marketing agencies in Dubai

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