Simple Strategies to Improve Lead Generation

If there is something that keeps the business going, it is your leads that will eventually convert into a sale. You can now rely on different channels to generate leads that will eventually boost your conversion rate, a process that is long and requires a lot of patience. But with multiple channels these days, creating leads has very diverse strategies to appease to your target audience at all platforms. Most leads generating strategies involves long-term planning and step by step approach, for example:

  • SEO ranking
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

There is a more number-based approach to this; finding out what do the statistics say about gets the user to take actions and working on those. But aside from these formal approaches and long-terms, there are a few simple elements to this as well which are crucial and effective in lead generation and nurturing.  

Here we are discussing 6 simple strategies to improve lead production.

1. Answer the big question

You know the one: What does your customer want? If you have the answer to this question, you can link it to a landing page on your website and see a sizeable increase in lead generation.

2. Your Homepage is a gateway to your site

The first page on your website is bound to receive the most traffic. Scrutinize your homepage, make sure it is worthy of hosting a large traffic and converting those leads. An ideal homepage is a blend of different elements including headline, subtitle and images. Review the messaging of your homepage as well, it has to be captivating and valuable enough to capture those leads.Social media marketing

3. Use Google login

Ease of logging in is a big playing factor and most users already have a Google account which makes it one of the most effective ways of lead generation. Plus, a lot of customer data is trusted to Google which you can take to your advantage since you may not have to ask a lot of data from your visitors and easy sign-up process increases your chances of securing a sign-up in the first place.

4. Lead generation specialization

Securing leads mean giving extra attention to detail to elements that capture them. Test your landing pages, review your call-to-action and content as a routine exercise. Building an online business is based highly on lead nurturing so someone with a sales pitch might not be the person to do it. You need to specialize in lead generation and understand that it is different from sales.

A lead is merely a sale in a pipeline that has to be nurtured for conversion by creating interest and awareness about your product or services.

5. Strong copy writing

First line of your content depicts a lot about whether or not you will continue reading: the headline. A strong, catchy and impactful headline usually does the trick in persuading prospects to clicking on them and reading what you have to offer. A headline must not be ‘written’, it should be ‘crafted’ with actionable terms that convey a strong message and guarantee value to the readers, and encourages them to keep reading. Also, a good headline can improve your SEO search engine ranking.

6. An offer they cannot refuse

You heard it first in Godfather, yes. But that is the ultimate nut to crack! The offer you make to your customer should be enticing enough to convert to an action, it could be downloading your e-book or following your socials. A desirable offer has the following elements: relevance, scarcity, demand and exclusivity. One way to understand what works is to test out your offers.Social media marketing in dubai

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