What Makes Video Marketing So Effective?

Marketers that aim to achieve viral approach must explore video avenues before it’s too late. Video marketing became a mainstream tool a few years ago, revolutionizing marketing on online platforms and boosting results. Over the years, more have adopted the practice and video marketing has become more polished and demands more creative input from marketers. There are a number of reasons why and we’ll talk about them here:

1. Highly favored with mobile phone users


Video content really took off with the widespread use of smartphones since 2013 and is becoming the most highly opted gadget to consume video content. It is forecasted that the number of smartphone users will grow to 7.26 billion in this year and a subsequent increase in your audience. According to Google, mobile users are twice as likely to form a connection with the brand compared to TV viewers.

2. Boosts social shares


They like it. They share it. A good marketing campaign that touches the viewer and sends out good messaging or one that is entertaining gets instant return in the form of followership, likes, shares and comments. This can help drive traffic on your website. There are special features designed on social platforms to boost video sharing that are unique to all platforms.

3. Video content builds trust


As a brand, getting your customers to trust you and what you are offering is an utmost priority. Video marketing enables a brand to create much more engaging, entertaining and meaningful content that is of value to your customers. Promotional videos from YouTubers are also showing increased ROI since content creators have nurtured long-term relationships with their audience and it also helps reduce this skepticism that people have from purchasing goods online. As many as 57% consumers have said video content boosts confidence in brands to buy online.

4. Engaging user experience


Say there is a review of a product, testimonials from customers or instructions on how to use – videos perform far better than written content that may take time to read. It allows the opportunity for brands to increase the value of the content with tutorials and long-form explanations to be conveyed in a short span of time. The aesthetic appeal of videos has further magnetic properties which encourages the audience to follow you for to view your content in the future.

5. Video encourages lazy consumers to engage


Videos can sum up an entire page worth of content in a couple of minutes and increases the chances of your content being consumed by your users. For a consumer who may not like to read, it reduces the chances of scrolling past your brand because videos are a far easier tool to consume.

6. Improved ROI


According to experts, video marketing revenue is expected to increase by 14.6% each year. Video production requires out of the box ideation, creation and execution but a whopping 83% of businesses that use this tool say it drives good ROI. However, widespread adoption of video marketing has given rise to extensive range of mobile apps and editing tools to simplify the process and reduce costs. But the most interesting part is that poorly created videos also seems to get decent enough ROI as long as the information about the product or service was valuable.

7. Videos improve SEO


It’s still all about the ranking and as it turns out, Google’s a fan too. Search engines are increasingly favoring visual content and including multimedia content on your site can improve your search engine ranking. It is also predicted that by 2021, as much as 80% of internet traffic will be in the video medium.

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